Lawsyst is a secure cloud based software platform which helps law firms to achieve success giving complete peace of mind through providing solutions that have been worked out exactly as law firms need. Lawsyst offers all you need to run a law practice from time tracking, streamlined billing, email integration to managing cases, clients, documents, calendars, reporting, and accounting.

Lawsyst was established on one basic concept i.e. enhancing the workflow of law firms. Its main purpose is to simplify the adoption, implementation, and management of administrative tasks while keeping security and compliance at the forefront.

With end-to-end fully integrated management and workflow automation features, Lawsyst is the only practice management software you will ever need to operate an efficient and successful business.

Our Objective

Our objective is simple –Simplifying the work of law firms by empowering them with a fully-integrated cloud based legal practice platform. Lawsyst is designed to empower the operations of law firms with an unparalleled level of competences to better manage their legal practice.

Easy To Use

Using Lawsyst, law firms can get organized and increase productivity while focusing on their core business and objectives. Lawsyst is one of the best practice management software around and also hosted on one of the most secure cloud platforms available whilst making it easy to use and access anytime, anywhere. The data stored is encrypted, offering complete security.

The Jewel In The Crown

With Lawsyst you get an integrated phone system that accurately records the length of time you spend talking to your clients. You can set your time rates and provide accurate, up to the second, bills from your time spent with your clients.

Go Mobile

Lawsyst helps to cater to every day challenges faced by law firms. You can access Lawsyst’s complete suite of features from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile. With this mobility feature you can access your business data with the tap of a button.

Built Specifically For Law Firms

Lawsyst is cloud-based, mobile-friendly, and built specifically for law firms enabling them to just get on with their everyday business. It delivers all the features that law firms need to be productive and successful i.e. Contact Management, Case Management, Work Flow, Billing & Invoicing, together with anIntegrated Phone System and Integrated Storage. Get Lawsyst’s full suite of features and liberate yourself from paper filing.

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We believe in satisfying your practice needs to the fullest therefore we offer a free 14 days (limited functionality) trial to law firms. Please call us for clarifications around the limitations.

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