1. What is Lawsyst.com?
  2. What is the Lawsyst.com Affiliate Program and how it works?
  3. Is my website eligible for the Affiliate Program?
  4. How can I sign-up?
  5. How long has Lawsyst.com had an affiliate program?
  6. Is there any fee to sign-up for Lawsyst Affiliate Program?
  7. I live in Madagascar; can I join the Lawsyst Affiliate Program?
  8. I have several websites; should I apply separately for each website?
  9. Can you provide help and support for making my site a high-traffic website?
  10. Am I eligible for any discounts from Lawsyst.com products since I’m an Affiliate?
  11. I forgot my Affiliate password, what I should do?


  1. How can I create Advertisement links to Lawsyst.com?
  2. Are the images on Lawsyst.com copyrighted?
  3. Which type of links should I use?
  4. Is there a certain number of links I am obligated to place on my website?
  5. I know HTML already and required some advanced linking help?


  1. When and how do I get paid?
  2. What is your commission structure and how does it work?
  3. What is Cookie duration, meaning if someone doesn’t purchase on the first visit?
  4. What is Cookie duration?
  5. What is a 2-tier or Sub-Affiliate?
  6. I can’t receive the commission?
  7. What is your policy for affiliate referred customers?
  8. Can refund claim affect my commissions?


  1. How will you know that orders are referred from my site?
  2. Where can I view my statistics?
  3. Can I evaluate the performance of all my links?
Lawsyst is not an ordinary legal case management system, it is a platform that offers a truly integrated Unified Communication experience with real-time data from the telephony infrastructure. Lawsyst serves as the reliable legal case management system and undoubtedly your best partner-in-law.
Lawsyst Affiliate Program allows participating websites to receive commission on sales referred from links on their website. We provide links for web-pages to our website and whenever a visitor Affiliate referred to us makes a purchase; the affiliate receives commission. At the end of every month if our Affiliate has reached to the minimum level of payout, our system network sends them commission for a percentage of the sales they referred to Lawsyst.com.
We accept almost all types of websites. We do not accept any sites which promote or endorse sexually explicit material, violence, discrimination based on race, genders, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, age, illegal activities or violate intellectual property rights. We welcome all applications but also reserve the right to refuse/reject any membership or withdraw a membership at any time.
By clicking “Sign Up” at any part of our Affiliate Site, you will be redirected to the Shareasale Tracking portal. Just fill out the online application and wait for the approval for 24 hours to start earning. It’s that simple.
The Lawsyst.com Affiliate Program has been in business since February 2018.
Absolutely No, we maintain a fee policy with our affiliates (whether mentioned nor hidden) on any condition. There are no threads connected in terms of fee, charges or tax with The Lawsyst affiliate program.
Lawsyst does not have any restrictions with regards to accepting application from any specific country, however, our tracking system (Shareasale) does apply some country restrictions which has nothing to do with Lawsyst Policies. Please remember that all commission provided by Shareasale is in US dollars.
It is not a requirement to apply separately. If you have a few more sites, we advise you to manage them with a single account using our tracking tools. We allow our affiliates to track the progress of individual sites and get paid with a single commission strategy.
Sure, we will be glad to help you out with any kind of assistance you would require. All you have to do is email us at affiliate@lawsyst.com or Call us at 03333 051 345
We do not recommend our affiliate to order Lawsyst services under their links, any such order will become void for affiliates and commission will not be paid for that particular account. Lawsyst also does not accept orders from Affiliate’s organizations, sister-concerns, business partners or any organization that is linked with the Affiliate as business partners.
You don’t have to worry, click on “Lost your password? Click here” text link on Shareasale page and the system will ask for your email address (which you had already submitted when filling out the sign-up form).
We provide numerous images, flash, Text links, feed links and custom banners to match your site. Lawsyst affiliate page includes an automatic link generator for each link type which creates HTML to copy and paste onto your website. It is very simple and easy!
Affirmative, lawsyst.com images are copyrighted by law, you may ask permission in written form from our Affiliate department for using any graphic, text or graphic styles but it is legal for you to display them on your site for the purpose of sales on lawsyst.com. You will not be breaking any laws as long as the images are used as links to their respective products and you mention that you are “In Association with (or Powered by) lawsyst.com.”
Lawsyst suggests you using multiple link types in order to compliment your content on every page. Combining link types can often enhance conversion.
You can use as few or as many links as you want. We support you to try various types of links to understand which will boost your click-through and commission. We can also provide on-demand detailed reporting to help you identify which links are performing better.
Sure, we will be glad to help you out with any kind of assistance you require. All you have to do is email us at affiliate@lawsyst.com or Call us at 03333 051 345.
Shareasale sends the commission approximately 30 days following the end of the month. If you have reached your minimum level of payout (set at $100), Shareasale will send you commission in US dollars for the percentage of sales you referred to our lawsyst.com website.
Please check the commission structure page under “Program details” section
Yes, we provide 45 return days or you can say we allow cookie duration for 45 consecutive days.
When a visitor clicks on your affiliate link, a small bit of information is stored on their PC named as a cookie and when that user visits the merchant’s site and orders something, that same cookie is passed back to the affiliate tracking network and recorded as an affiliate’s commissionable sale.
A 2-tier or sub-affiliate is a website you have enlisted into the lawsyst.com Affiliate Program. In addition to the commission, you are also paid for the affiliate you referred; we also pay you 5% commission on this affiliate’s lifetime sales.
Please contact Shareasale and if you are emailing them, do add our email address affiliate@lawsyst.com in C.C and we will also follow up the issue with them.
The policy is same for all customers, see the link below: https://www.lawsyst.com/guarantee.aspx
If a customer returns a product for a refund, or if credit card charges are reversed due to a dispute or credit card fraud, your account will be debited for commission earned on that.
Shareasale network tracks all sales and visitors from your website using a unique identification number that is embedded in your link(s).
Shareasale provides comprehensive sales and activity report that lets you view your sales and revenue. It also provides quite a few other reports that show traffic analysis, link efficiency, as well as other useful information.
Yes, through Shareasale reporting procedure, you can evaluate the performance of all your links that will help you in link optimization.