It’s simple, the objective of the Affiliate Page/website is not only to explain the Affiliate Program, but also convert visitors into sales. Here are a few tips for Affiliates who either already have a website or are in the process of creating their Affiliate Page/Website.


  • Study first, not exactly how much you will make from the sale, but how much it will cost the customer.
  • Never lie to your visitors. Only recommend a product if you have a reason to.
  • Sign up with the programs that are related to your site content, for example Lawsyst recommends affiliates who are/were involved in Law blogs, news, or have Knowledge of Law management software.
  • Don’t join affiliate programs just because of how much they are paying you. Always check the sources and credibility. Lawsyst Affiliate Program is powered by IT-Sec Ltd. Which is an ISO 9001 certified company and Microsoft Certified Partners, also verified by Go Daddy and Using Share-A-Sale Hosting for fair transactions.
  • Don’t join too many affiliate programs, Logo Lawsyst appreciates but does not restrict those affiliates who are using Lawsyst as their exclusive Merchant/advertiser.
  • See through the eyes of the visitor all the time, how you would react if you were the visitor and visiting the same page.
  • Endorse as it is your own product; think of the merchant’s product as if it was your own product.
  • Write informative articles regarding the features of the packages, and then add your Affiliate linking code at the bottom of the article as a simple ‘click here’ text link
  • Increase client’s trust. Paste some of the Merchant’s testimonial on your site to increase credibility.
  • Create a website with clean and simple layout. Websites with intense graphics and animations are not recommended.
  • Your major objective as an affiliate is to get people to click the affiliate links so make it very simple for visitors to click on your affiliate link. You have to tell them to click the particular link. Place a ‘click here’ for every affiliate link on your site.
  • Fewer pictures are better. Lots of graphics slow the sites to appear and as an affiliate you want the visitor to click on your affiliate link. If your website takes a long time to load, your visitor may just leave and not even get a single chance to click your affiliate link.
  • If you are providing any handout or newsletter, make it very easy for people to sign up by putting subscription details on each page at your site. Newsletter archives section is recommended on your site so that visitors can see how much active you are and can also view your past activities Content is very important. Show visitors what they want by quality content. Articles, tips, newsletter archives and details of each product on your site.
  • On your website, you can post useful articles from different sites but it is mandatory that you provide proper references.
  • Always make sure you create a ‘Contact Us’ section/page. Whenever you tell visitors who you are exactly and how to contact you, straight away they will be more likely to trust you.